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Melissa pate


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Doula Services

Continuous emotional and physical support for labor and birth


Childbirth Classes

I offer a variety of different class options to empower couples with knowledge for their amazing birth.

I am passionate about birth and have been for more than half my life. The first spark that lit the flame was being the sole support to my high school friend throughout the birth of her first child. She asked me to sing to her through each contraction. I had no idea what to sing, but was inspired to find just the right melody to ease her pain and give her peace. I bolstered her through each challenge of birth, and she did it! She birthed her baby naturally with no medication. My seventeen-year-old self knew I had been part of a miracle. I searched for a way to put my new found love of birth into action and was introduced to the word Doula. I instantly knew that’s what I had been for my friend. 


I set out on a long road that will one day culminate in becoming a midwife. I trained with DONA and helped several more women through labor and birth. My next step was to pursue a degree in nursing from Montana State University.  During my last semester,  I met  and  married the

love of my life, Kyle. When I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, a new and different adventure was upon me. I was pregnant with our first child! I am now the mother to seven incredible children. My first three babies were born by cesarean section, my next three were VBAC's born at home, and my last was a VBAC induced for medical reasons in Fort Worth, Texas. While each child's birth shaped me as a woman and mother, my first VBAC changed me forever. It was a long and trying journey, crowned with a euphoric homebirth. Through my hardship, God blessed me with a heart to love and serve VBAC mothers.

Not only do I love supporting couples through birth as a doula, I also love empowering them with knowledge through a comprehensive childbirth curriculum that includes everything needed to have an AMAZING birth. As a certified Birth Boot Camp Doula & Childbirth Instructor, I look forward to sharing my many experiences to teach and support the couples of the Wichita Falls, Texas area.

Melissa pate
1427 Hiawatha Ln Burkburnett, TX